0161 962 4354 (enquiries)
0161 905 4711 (appointments)
0161 905 4721 (cancellation line)

Reception and admin teams

Our reception & admin team comprises:

  • Reception team
  • Data quality team
  • Secretarial team

Our reception team are your first point of contact at the surgery, ensuring you get the right help appropriate to your needs. An average working day includes processing over 300 repeat prescriptions, answering over 600 ‘phone calls and dealing with a similar number of enquiries at the reception desk.  As you can imagine, they often have a number of jobs to do all at once, so we appreciate your patience if they’re already helping someone else.

They are trained chaperones too, so may be called to chaperone during a clinical examination.

Our reception lead is Mr Ian London.

Our data quality team review over 300 clinical letters per day.  Relevant information is added to your medical record so this is always up-to-date whenever you next see a GP or nurse, here.  Sometimes other healthcare professionals who are caring for you, ask for relevant information from your medical record to ensure they are fully aware of all your conditions.  We only share detailed information about you with a healthcare professional who is caring for you or when you have given us express written consent to share this with a 3rd party, e.g. solicitor or employer.

Our secretarial team type and send over 100 referral letters a week requesting specialist opinions for our patients.  We prioritise suspected cancer and clinically urgent referrals first.  We aim to despatch over 80% referrals within a week (sometimes we’re waiting for investigation results, first).