If you are a registered NHS patient and you fall ill whilst away from home you can contact the nearest practice to ask for treatment.

Depending on the length of your stay, you’ll be registered as a temporary resident [1 day - 3 months] or as a permanent patient [more than 3 months]. If you’re away from home for less than 1 day, you may be provided care as “immediate necessary treatment”.

Try to have the following information available when you attend your appointment for the first time:

  • details of your ongoing medical problems
  • details of medical problems you have suffered in the past
  • the name of any medicines that you are currently taking
  • details of any allergies
  • contact details of your registered or previous practice
You can also visit an NHS walk-in centre (WIC) or minor injuries unit (MIU). These can provide treatment for minor injuries or illnesses such as cuts, bruises and rashes. However, they are not designed for treating long-term conditions or immediately life-threatening problems. You don’t need to be registered and you don’t need an appointment. Any member of the public can simply walk in to be seen regardless of where they are registered. Some offer pre-booked appointments.