Our catchment area & registration info

We have two catchment areas:

  • An inner boundary within which we accept requests from new patients wishing to register with us;
  • An outer boundary within which we will agree to keep patients currently registered with us. This area is bounded by the following roads:

    To the south – Eastway/Woodhouse Lane to the junction with Manor Avenue;
    To the West – along Manor Avenue, directly across Carrington Lane up to Carrington Spur;
    To the North – up to the M60;
    To the East – across Glebelands Road, down Temple Road, across 1 way system down Conway Road then following the Trafford border West across Brooklands Road and across the sports ground to Eastway.

If you would like to register with us, please check if you are living within our catchment area. You can call in to the surgery or ring us on 0161 962 4354 instead to check, if you prefer.  If you are eligible to register, you’ll need to download three separate pieces of information or we can hand you these documents at reception:

  • GMS1 registration form (2 pages) - needs to be fully completed & signed
  • new patient questionnaire  (2 pages) - needs to be fully completed & attach a copy of your repeat medication list (if applicable)
  • DATA Sharing (2 pages) - needs to be read. Only needs completion if you do not want one or both of the data sharing options

Once the forms are completed, please bring these to reception during our opening hours along with evidence of your identity and current address, as listed in What do I need to register?.  We will give you an information leaflet about the surgery and the services we offer and can help you complete any registration forms you’re not sure about.

If you’re not living within our catchment area, you can find other local practices to contact by checking the NHS Choices website.