Local blood clinic info

Once you have your test request form, you can either visit one of the local drop-in clinics here or book an appointment at the surgery on 0161 905 4711.

If any of the tests are “fasting”, you mustn’t have anything to eat or drink from 10pm the night before (except plenty of tap water and your usual meds).  [Insulin-dependent diabetics should not fast.]

Appointments for under 16s bloods ONLY at Trafford General children’s resource centre – ring 0161 746 2710.

*For ALL TESTS please ring for your results in 1week’s time, after 11am on 0161 905 4711*

[Try not to be alarmed if we contact you earlier about your result, we are just being thorough – we’ll tell you if this needs prompt action, otherwise it is a routine matter which can wait for a week or so.]