Finding out your results

Results from blood tests, x-rays and scans that we have requested and that have been carried out at Altrincham or Trafford General Hospitals, are sent to us electronically.  These results are usually available 1 working week after your test and can be obtained by ringing us on 0161 962 4354, after 11am Monday – Friday.

[Try not to be alarmed if we contact you earlier about your result, we are just being thorough – we’ll tell you if this needs prompt action, otherwise it is a routine matter which can wait for a week or so.]

Please note that if your blood test, x-ray or scan has been requested by a hospital consultant, then the result will go back to them. They are responsible for communicating the result to you, either by letter or at your next out-patient appointment.

Tests carried out at Wythenshawe Hospital are sent to us through the post. These take longer to receive and process through our system and you should leave 2 weeks from your test, before ringing for the result.