A referral is when your GP arranges for you to see another health professional. The Health Professional will then be able to organise the best treatment for you.

Once you and your GP have agreed you need to see a hospital specialist, your GP will discuss the choice of hospitals available to you, offering the relevant service. You will be given printed information as below explaining when you should hear from the hospital or other community service. 

Your GP will refer you (usually within a week) and you should expect to receive a letter from the hospital 3 - 4 weeks later, giving details of your out-patient appointment or asking you to contact the booking service to arrange an appointment.  Please do this within 2 weeks otherwise you will lose the ability to book your appointment and the process will have to start from the beginning again. If you have not heard within 4 weeks, please contact the referral booking management team below on 0161 976 2555 or the relevant hospital out-patient booking department below, to chase up your appointment, on:

  • 0161 746 2407 for Altrincham & Trafford General hospital
  • 0161 291 5120 for Wythenshawe & Withington hospitals
  • 0161 413 5835 for community dermatology service
  • 0300 323 0303 for physiotherapy (referred to as MSK), dietetics, XPERT diabetic programme, pulmonary rehab, community rehab, neuro rehab, leg ulcer service, continence service, Parkinson’s disease nurse

Please let reception know on 0161 905 4711 if you experience significant difficulties in following up your appointment and we will help with this.

Trafford Referral Booking Management Service (RBMS)

All patient referrals are sent and tracked via this service: they can track receipt from us and onward transmission to the relevant hospital. You may contact them on 0161 976 2555 should you need to check when your referral was received by the hospital.

The NHS prides itself on high standards of confidentiality on personal information about patients. Any information held about you will comply with the Data Protection Act and other legislation. All staff are bound by laws of confidentiality.

In an effort to provide you with the best possible care, we may share your information with other health professionals and other NHS organisations. If you do not want your information shared, please contact the referral service. Your information will NOT be used for commercial purposes.

Hospital transport

If you need transport to get you to your hospital appointment or procedures, please ring Trafford RBMS on 0161 976 2555; you will need your NHS number which we can provide to you.  You will be taken through a short series of questions by the RMBS staff to determine your eligibility for NHS transport services.

Other options include Trafford Ring & Ride for all door-to-door transport needs if you have difficulty using public transport.  General enquiry number is 0845 688 4933.