Home visits

When you ring to request a home visit on 0161 905 4711, please ring before 11am, so we can prioritise everyone’s needs.

Please be patient with the questions that the receptionists have to ask. They are trained to determine how your needs - and those of all the other patients needing attention that day - can best be met. In this way, your time and the time of the practice will be used most effectively, and everyone’s waiting time will be reduced. 

We work within the following national guidelines below:

  • In the event of a medical emergency, such as a suspected heart attack, severe difficulty breathing or heavy bleeding, the doctors may advise that an emergency ambulance should be called, by ringing 999, instead of or in addition to a home visit.
  • In the absence of such an emergency, the necessity of a home visit will depend upon your medical condition. Patients who are housebound or too ill or frail to travel, for example patients needing end of life care, will be visited at home.  In some other cases however, even though you may be unwell – a short care journey to the surgery will not worsen your condition.  Once at the surgery, a better assessment of your condition can be made, than in your home.
  • It is not a doctor’s duty to visit you at home because no private transport is available, if the patient is otherwise well enough to be brought to surgery.  In such cases, a taxi, friend or relative may be able to provide the necessary transport.
  • Any patient whose medical condition requires urgent treatment will always be seen the same day, although not necessarily by their usual doctor and there may not be a choice of time.

We are able to see four patients in the surgery - in the same time that it takes to make one home visit, so please attend surgery if you can.