Everyone who works within the practice is duty bound to keep your information confidential.  We are registered with the Information Commissioner to process your data and our Practice Manager, Mrs Susan Allen is also our Caldicott Guardian, ensuring we uphold stringent standards in protecting the information we hold.

Your personal and health information is only shared with others who need to know, when –

  • We refer you to other healthcare agencies who are caring for you, eg District Nurses or to a local hospital for an out-patient appointment or as part of national screening programmes, eg cervical cytology or the diabetic retinopathy screening service
  • We have a statutory duty to protect others, eg in child protection or safeguarding cases or notifying some infectious diseases to Public Health England or where you have not opted out of this
  • You have asked us to do this, eg supply a report to a 3rd party: this will require your direct consent, or if we are responding to a request for information from the benefits agency


Please see the attached Privacy Statement regarding the use of your personal data.


Information about your health and care helps the NHS to improve your individual care, speed up diagnosis , plan your local services and research new treatments.

In May 2018, the strict rules about how this data can and cannot be used were strengthened.  The NHS is committed to keeping patient information safe and always being clear about how it is used.

You can choose whether your confidential patient information is used for research and planning.  To find out more visit:


The contact details that you have provided to the practice will be only be used solely in relation to direct healthcare services offered by the practice, and you can choose to opt out of the services at any time by contacting the Practice.

Emails and text messages are generated using a secure facility, but because they are transmitted over a public network they may not be secure.


Information about the practice required for disclosure under this act can be made available to the public. All requests for such information should be made to the practice manager.