Teaching, training & research


Our practice is approved to train fully qualified hospital doctors to become GPs. Dr Simonton and Dr Wilkinson are our GP trainers and supervise the GP registrar & pre-registrar for the 12 or 6 months they are learning with us about practising family medicine. As part of this training, we sometimes ask for our patients’ agreement for the communication part of the consultation to be videotaped. Your wishes are always respected and all recorded information deleted after review.

We also teach newly qualified doctors about general practice as part of their overall medical training. To do this properly, they need adequate clinical and educational supervision.  Drs Ferguson & Burgess are the tutors for our FY2 doctors, who are placed with us in blocks of 4 months at a time.


Dr Howard is responsible for teaching medical students during their earlier years and this often entails them meeting patients with specific medical conditions linked with the topic they’re studying at the time. All patient contact is useful to them (rather than just textbook learning) and allows them to improve their consultation and questionning skills. We often request that some of our patients help with our medical students’ training, and are really grateful for this!
Overall, our training activities bring fresh skills, up-to-date thinking and enquiring minds to our practice.  Sometimes, our learners needs may slightly impact on your ability to see your usual GP as quickly as you would like. We hope you understand the reasons for this and we always aim not to reduce the overall number of appointments available as a result of our training and teaching activities.


We have increased our research activities over the last few years, having engaged with Salford Lung Study on two clinical trials, testing inhaled medications for COPD and asthma. This work falls outside the NHS.  We also work alongside Mac Clinical Research, Medicines Evaluation Unit and contribute anonymised data to the national Clinical Practice Research Datalink.